Intuitive Methods


For the permanent use of the intuitive methods, it makes most sense to learn the techniques yourself. Since every human being already carries the intuitive abilities within himself, this works easier than you might think at first.
The seminar offers all participants practice-oriented methods for intuitive problem analysis and decision-making that specifically promote their own intuition. Making the right decision is made much easier for every participant. The methods are instructed very comprehensible and reproducible. You will see the first success normally within the course.

The seminar first starts with an introduction in the methods followed by the theoretical basis. Each single technique is accompanied by real examples which helps to implement the knowledge gained. On demand we can also handle current problem situations of the participants.

Please choose from different modules to build the characteristic of your seminar:

The traditional knowledge of Asian martial arts can explain the processes of our modern business world in a catchy way. It also offers practical techniques for serenity, success and assertiveness from your own center and provide good insights for better interaction in hierarchical structures. In memorable exercises, the psychological effects of one's own attitude on conflicts can be tested, the effect of different reactions can be played through and the insights gained can easily be transferred to everyday situations.

The method of organizational constellations is particularly suitable for the analysis of systems of any kind. These can be both specific groups of people (organizations, companies, teams etc.) as well as abstract sturctures (organizational units, departments, technical assemblies etc.). After naming the system, it is first split into its individual components and for each component one person is selected who will represent this component from now on. The client, who brings up the problem, now places the representatives in the room according to his perception and analogous to the system to be analyzed. The resulting picture shows already now obviously and for everyone comprehensibly existing sympathies and blockades. The interesting thing about this method is that the arbitrarily chosen representatives really feel like the persons or components they represent. They also can concretely name the problem situation that prevails in the real system. Now, with the help of the representatives, various solution strategies can be played through and their effects can be checked immediately on the basis of the reactions of the representatives.

The Kinesiology determines for the benefit of a person with the help of their body­reactions their inner attitude to a previously asked question. In this way, the causes for unwanted patterns of action, habits, compulsions, nervousness etc. can be found out and neutralized if necessary. To determine the cause, kinesiology uses clear yes/no questions and thus circles the problem step by step. The questioner's muscle reaction serves as the answer indicator. For the development of your own personality, for example, you can gradually approach the causes of personal blockages using a yes/no decision tree and solve them sustainably with simple, targeted exercises.

The Geomancy (the knowledge of the course of the earth energies) can be used specifically to increase concentration, personal performance and employee motivation. Everywhere on earth there are places of different qualities, be it creativity, joy of life, harmony etc. or tiredness, restless­ness, willingness to argue etc. We also know this phenomenon in everyday life: in some places we somehow feel comfortable, like to linger. In the office, there are places that employees prefer to use for informal discussions. Most of the time, these spontaneous meetings turn out to be very creative and promising. Other places, however, seem to be avoided by people for some reason, whether renovated or newly built. With the help of geomancy and radiesthesia, such places can be determined in advance. So you are enabled to take the information into account in the planning of the building and the choice of the location. Of course this will improve the sense of well-being and increase the performance.

Holistic learning is realized through the use of various teaching methods and media. After teaching the techniques, the main focus of the seminar is on the active implementation of the newly acquired knowledge. The participants obtain a summary as a script and, of course, we respond individually to the interests of the group.


The seminars are available in English and German.

Graduate Econo­mist (university) in business ad­min­is­tra­tion, empirical sociology and eco­nomic psycho­logy.

Project leader, consultant, trainer with own system since 2003, including systemic knowledge, Kinesiology and Geomancy. Aikido teacher.

Languages: English, German

Learn how ...
  • to make quick and reliable long sighted decisions even when the surrounding, outstanding para­meters are unclear.
  • to expanded your focus and to discover alternative solution and strategies.
  • to develop a good solution in apparently insolvable situations.
  • to find easily win-win solutions for the satisfaction of all parties .
  • to uncover a potential for conflict at an early stage and to trust your instincts.
  • to ascertain the negotiating position of the other parties.
  • to use geomantic phenomena for the increase of your own con­centration and power.

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