Intuitive Methods

Coachings & Consulting

In a customized one-on-one consultation, we jointly analyze the current situation and then identify suitable options for a resolution. The techniques at the same time can be used for problem and situation analyses as well as personality development. Upon request, I will share my knowledge of replicable techniques the client may then use on his or her own.

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Alle services are available in English and German.

Study of business administration and economics at the University of Augs­burg.

Wide experience as project leader since 1991.

Systemic consul­tant of organisations including the areas Geomancy and Kinesiology, Aikido trainer.

Languages: English, German

Intuitive Methods help ...
  • to make quick and reliable long sighted decisions even when the surrounding, outstanding para­meters are unclear.
  • to expand our focus and to develop creative ideas for the solution.
  • to uncover risks, potential for conflict or sympathy in negotiations.
  • to relieve negative attributes and old behavior patterns also on short notice in the personality development and gain a self-possessed assurance of manner.
  • to relieve stress effectively and to convince by equanimity also in critical situations.

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