Intuitive Methods

Strategic management consulting

We are a strategic management and business consultancy for medium-sized companies and publicly traded enterprises.

By combining rational, business know-how with intuitive, mind-expanding methods, we achieve:
 🢝  Factor 10+ faster solutions
 🢝  Higher quality and more accurate evaluations
 🢝  Change of perspective for the "big picture"
 🢝  Win-win solutions for all parties involved
 🢝  Decisions checked for success in advance (!)
 🢝  Explosive leaps in personal development

Our system for intuitive problem analysis and empathic conflict management is used internationally and greatly increases the opportunities for team and change management. In sum, this saves time and money, and also immensely increases the acceptance of the solutions among stakeholders.

What makes us different?

With our intuitive, consciousness-raising methods, we go far beyond known rational optimization approaches to enable an explosive leap in development of the company and its employees.

The first meeting to get to know the method by phone or video call with real, actionable solutions to your question or problem is free of charge! We provide full information on the solution, without sales phrases. Reserve your free appoint­ment today by by e-mail or by phone at  +49 8271 802456.

Consulting / coaching

🢝  Problem analysis & solutions
   in business (strategy, leadership,
   recruiting, organizational chart,
🢝  Process optimization
🢝  Change management
🢝  Business development
🢝  Business transformation
🢝  Business rescue
🢝  Conflict management
🢝  Personality development


🢝  Intuitive decision-making
🢝  Genuine management
🢝  Leading with Ki
🢝  Organisat. constellations
🢝  Geomancy in the office
🢝  4 colours model
🢝  Self-awareness
🢝  Consciousness raising
🢝  Conflict resolution
🢝  Personality development
🢝  Work-Life-Balance

Graduate Econo­mist (university) in business ad­min­is­tra­tion, empirical sociology and eco­nomic psycho­logy.

Project leader, consultant, trainer with own system since 2003, including systemic knowledge, Kinesiology and Geomancy. Aikido teacher.

Languages: English, German

Heiko Kieser
Peter-Dörfler-Str. 1
D-86672 Thierhaupten

Phone: +49 8271 802456
Fax: +49 8271 802457

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