Intuitive Methods

Practical Examples

To get an idea on how the intuitive methods work, please find enclosed some application fields. The examples are derived from the practical experience. Here is a quick overview:

    Problem Analysis
Strategic Decision
Overcoming Personal Limits
Lack of Concentration
Accumulated Irritation
Technical Problems
The Effect of the Imagination

Examples coming soon.

Study of business administration and economics at the University of Augs­burg.

Wide experience as project leader since 1991.

Systemic consul­tant of organisations including the areas Geomancy and Kinesiology, Aikido trainer.

Languages: English, German

What can the intuitive methods do for you?
  • Human resource management: Find significantly unerringly the suitable employee for a given job, who will stay motivated for a longer period and choose appropriate steps for the human resources development of your personnel.
  • Project management: Solve your conflicts and problems quickly for the satisfaction of all involved parties and learn to establish win-win situations much more easier.
  • Production: Analyse persevera­tive problems and find a sustainable solution also with only seeming rational reasons.
  • Sales: Ascertain the real needs of your customers, to increase your sales with more individual packages.
  • Marketing: Test reliably the effect of your advertisement before the publication and detect the necessary prevailing mood and artistic elements right at the beginning in order to reach your target audience unerringly.
  • Management: Optimize your strategic planning and recover so far unseen ideas for a better market orientation.
  • Planning: Simulate the different choices unerringly in your mind, to avoid wrong decisions.
  • Finance: Determine the risks of upcoming invests exactly and identify intuitively the right solution.
  • Negotiating strategy: Uncover the optimal strategy in advance and find hidden information to strengthen your own negotiating position.
  • Development: Find noval, creative solutions and save time by using heuristic techniques.
  • Events: Improve your own presence and self assured behaviour in public events.
  • Personality: Live detemined equanimity out of your innermost being also in difficult situations.

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